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The Top Trending CBD Cannabis Strains of 2018 Leave a comment

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Buy kush online  Bringing on a heavy dose of relaxation without sending you soaring past Cloud 9, the CBD-dominant Remedy

is just that: a remedy. An indica-dominant cross of Cannatonic and Afghan Skunk, consumers seek Remedy to help treat anxiety,

pain, and inflammation. Over the past year, search interest for this strain increased by 660%Buy kush online

DANCE DANCE DANCE DAN (this is obviously a Jackson 5 reference). Dancehall is another popular name in the

CBD world that’s seen a 550% boost in search interest. Buy kush online  It’s a sativa-dominant hybrid with a near 1:1

CBD:THC ratio that’ll leave you feeling relaxed, yet uplifted and energetic.Buy kush online

Nordle is another CBD strain that consumers have been clamoring for—and by that, we mean search interest has leaped by 460% in the past year. A cross between Afghani and Skunk, Nordle is a balanced 1:1 hybrid that delivers mild effects and potential relief of pain and muscle spasms

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ACDC is such a popular CBD strain that I probably don’t even need to tell you about it. But I will. ACDC is a phenotype of Cannatonic with a CBD: THC ratio of 20:1.Again, If you want to get super not-high, ACDC is a good strain to seek out, evidenced by its 89% boost in search interest over the past year

Another strain with a 1:1 balanced CBD:THC ratio, CBD Shark is an indica-dominant hybrid that helps patients with pain, anxiety, and inflammation. Surely , you’ll get high, but those 1:1 strains tend to be a pretty even cruise instead of a jarring takeoff

Over the past year, search interest for this strain jumped by 272% as it becomes increasingly available in legal cannabis markets. You’ll most likely find CBD Shark in the form of a concentrate.

Lastly,MediHaze, sometimes known as CBD MediHaze, is a CBD-rich strain that provides clear-headed, uplifting effects Buy kush online

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