Buy Blue Label High CBD Hemp Oil Online


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Buy Blue Label High CBD Hemp Oil Online

Buy Blue Label High CBD Hemp Oil Online Blue Label High CBD Hemp Oil. Blue Label High CBD Hemp Oil is the most pure version of CBD oil on the market.

If you’re looking for a strong CBD oil, look no further than this high-CBD hemp oil. It’s our #1 bestseller for a reason – it works. It’s also thoroughly tested to ensure that it meets the highest of quality standards.
Blue Label High CBD Hemp Oil is as strong as both RSHO (Real Scientific Hemp Oil) or Rick Simpson Oil but just that it doesn’t contain the high levels of THC, so there is no chance for you to get “high” with this product.

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a CBD product is how much actual CBD Oil you are getting. This section will explain how we calculate that, and what kind of savings you can expect for buying a larger order of CBD.

Buy Blue Label High CBD Hemp Oil Online

Since this product is made from natural plant material, the exact CBD quantity can go up and down a little. Usually companies use a percentage to explain what part of the hemp oil is actually CBD oil.

This particular product has a concentration of 15%, so we take that at 15% and compute the CBD that comes in each tube. Now you should be able to easily compare this product to other CBD oil products on the market.

Here are the different sizes that we offer for this high strength CBD product for each variation:

1g Tube: 150mg CBD
3g Tube: 450mg CBD
10g Tube: 1500mg CBD
6x10g Tubes: 9000mg CBD


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