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Buy Cannabis Oil RSO Oil Online

Buy Cannabis Oil RSO Oil Online Cannabis Oil, aka Hash oil, Phoenix Tears,
Rick Simpson Oil (RSO), is a full spectrum cannabis product with a high THC
content ranging from 30 – 50% made utilizing an isopropyl alcohol extraction
method. This all natural product provides the endocannabinoid system with
the essential Phytocannabinoids it requires for healthy function allowing it to
provide relief from many ailments including epilepsy and cancer.

Phoenix Tears is available in both High THC and High CBD concentration.
When utilizing Phoenix Tears for cancer recovery, high THC Phoenix Tears
is much more effective, and this is the version that we sell.

Buy Cannabis Oil RSO Oil Online

Rick Simpson oil (RSO) is a cannabis oil product. It was develop
by Rick Simpson,a Canadian medical marijuana activist.
RSO differs from a lot of other cannabis oils because it contains
higher levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This is the main
psychoactive cannabinoid in marijuana that gets people “high.” Other
therapeutic cannabis oils tend to contain a cannabinoid called
cannabidiol (CBD) and little or no THC. In addition, Rick Simpson
doesn’t sell RSO. Instead, he encourages to people to create their
own using his methods.

Cannabis plants have long been for medicinal purposes on top of their many other functions. These versatile plants have two main chemicals that make them popular; one is tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, which is the well-known psychoactive component that causes the famous high. However, the other is not psychoactive and is proving to be a useful substance independent of THC: Cannabidiol. As research continues into the benefits of this side of the cannabis plant’s uses. The chemical is now available in oil form for supplementary use.

Though there are no completely substantiated medical claims for the use of legal cannabis oil, there are many signs emerging that it will be a great benefit to many without the downsides of the psychoactive THC aspect in the cannabis oil.


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